Mechanical, electronic and software development.


Manufacture of prototypes for continuous validation of ideas.


From pre-series to support for industrialization abroad.


We help you integrate technology into your business

EXXN helps companies modernize their technology, redesign processes and transform experiences to stay one step ahead in an ever-changing world.

Companies that embrace digital transformation are those that truly integrate and align people, data and processes to create leading and efficient companies in an increasingly competitive market.

Eduardo Casado

Director de Desarrollo


We combine creation, engineering and innovation in a unique way

Our engineers develop and implement technologies to reinvent businesses, keep companies on the cutting edge, and overcome today’s business challenges.

Connected Oceanographic Buoy

From design and manufacturing to installation and connection​ Multidisciplinary

Internet of things

One of the technological trends with the greatest impact

Product development

Conceptualization, Prototyping and Industrialization​ Mechanical, electrical, electronic and digital


Making a difference

Product development from scratch to offer a global solution in terms of technology, innovation, design and manufacturing.

IoT Gateway

Multipurpose gateway adaptable to the needs of the client/use case.

Plataforma IoT

Platform for control and management of IoT devices.


Innovate in business operations

The 4.0 revolution transforms the way we do things, affects how customers interact with things and the experiences they expect to have.


We trust great Partners