Product development

Conceptualization, Prototyping and Industrialization​

Mechanical, electrical, electronic and digital development. Manufacture of prototypes. Local or overseas industrialization

We combine different types of development (mechanical, electrical, electronic, digital) to offer a complete development of each new technological product, which can include from the ideation or conceptualization stages, carrying out concept tests to validate critical components, design from prototypes or Minimum Viable Product (MPV) to the industrialization of small series locally or large series at lower cost abroad.
In this service, we provide you with different solutions in technology, design, simulations, as well as software and hardware programming. We design and manufacture from scratch to create a genuine product that stands out from the rest.
Our group of EXXN prototyping professionals works on product development, using different techniques such as conceptual design, proof of concept (PoC), functional design or MVP (minimum viable product).

How do we approach the development of technological products?

We develop our products with our customers in mind. We reduce costs and times and increase its functionality. Our team of prototyping experts employs the latest technologies and newest strategies to get the first prototype up and running.

Indeed, we make your idea tangible and offer you a global solution in product quality: technology, innovation, design and manufacturing.

We implement and validate ideas. We carry out prototypes and analyze their functionality and finishes, in order to continue with their manufacture and subsequent production.



Do you want to differentiate yourself by developing
new technological products?