Connected Oceanographic Buoy

Boya oceanográfica conectada

From design and manufacturing to installation and connection​

Multidisciplinary team for the development of the project, manufacture, installation, monitoring and control of the connected oceanographic buoy.

We have a highly trained multidisciplinary team to cover all phases of the project life cycle, from the personalized development of the buoy to its installation and monitoring.

Our process includes the personalized development of the buoy, using the latest technologies in sensors, electronics and connectivity. In addition, we carry out an initial assessment of the locations to determine the feasibility of the project and carry out an appropriate environmental study.

We take care of the manufacture of the structure and electronics of the buoy, as well as its installation in the selected location. We connect the buoy to the IoT network to facilitate the monitoring and control of the data collected.

Boya oceanográfica inteligente

Turnkey solution

The connected oceanographic buoy is a device designed to monitor sea conditions in tourist destinations. It is equipped with an IoT gateway that acts as the central unit of the system, receiving power from solar panels or a battery, powering the sensors, collecting and processing the data, and sending the information to an IoT platform.

The buoy design is robust, made up of a float with marine sensors and an anchoring gear that includes solar panels, antenna, signaling beacon and external sensors. It also has a watertight casing to protect the IoT gateway and control electronics from marine corrosion.

We use innovative technologies and strategies to develop products tailored to the needs of our customers. The buoy has a large capacity battery to supply energy in low light conditions.

We offer a global turnkey solution service, from the implementation and validation of ideas, to the manufacture and installation of previously analyzed prototypes to guarantee their functionality and finishes.

Innovation in solutions to differentiate

Measurements. The connected oceanographic buoys can be equipped with different sensors depending on the client’s needs. The sensors are capable of measuring various parameters:

  • Meteorological: wind, air and water temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, solar radiation…
  • Oceanographic: waves, currents…
  • Environmental: water temperature, conductivity, salinity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, pH…
  • Pollution: PAH hydrocarbons, organic matter…

Security systems. The connected oceanographic buoy can be equipped with impact and intrusion sensors to prevent and report possible acts of vandalism or accidents through alarms.

Materials. The materials with which the connected oceanographic buoy is manufactured provide it with resistance to impacts and marine corrosion, as well as to the most extreme weather and wave conditions.



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